Developed countries must compensate Africa for carbon emissions — Lawmaker

The Chairman of the Senate Inter-Parliamentary Committee, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim (APC, Ondo South), said there is a need for African countries to sign climate change liability agreements with all developed countries responsible for carbon emissions on the continent.

He expressed disagreement with attempts by advanced nations whose activities are causing carbon emissions to merely engage in climate change discourse and evade issues that bother signing liability agreements.

The lawmaker, who is currently in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in the company of President Bola Tinubu for the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28), emphasized the need for developed countries to sign a liability agreement with African countries on climate change.

Speaking on Saturday at the ongoing 28th United Nations Climate Change confab in Dubai, Senator Ibrahim insisted that developed countries must compensate Africa for carbon emissions on the continent.

He noted that if the developed countries paid compensation to African countries on the impact of climate change on the continent, it would help Africa to offset its huge foreign debt.

He noted that combustion, emissions from industrial toxic wastes required no visa to cross international borders and settle on the continent of Africa.

Senator Ibrahim said, “We don’t produce cars in Africa, but the whole world uses cars. These cars are produced in Germany, America, Russia, China and India.

Imagine the number of cars in the world and the resultant consequences of burning fossil fuel are the climatic disasters we are faced with in Africa.

“Many people on the continent Africa are currently facing unexplainable medical issues that defy treatments as a result of inhaling carbon dioxide rather than oxygen.”

He added, “It is a proven fact that emissions from developed countries do not need to visit Nigeria’s embassy or any African countries’ embassies before gaining entry into the continent.

“It is imperative and as a matter of urgency for developed countries to sign liability agreements with African countries that bear the brunts of their activities to cushion the effects economically.”

Source: Punch

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